Don’t Choose Ceramic Floor Without Knowledge

Ceramic flooring is the type of floor coating that is still the most preferred by people. In addition to its easy maintenance, various floor tile manufacturers are competing to create ceramic floor innovations that are rich in a variety of textures, motifs, and shapes, so that they can be adapted to any function of space, especially in a dwelling. For maximum maintenance, you can take advantage of carpet cleaning cost services that can clean ceramic floors and keep them shiny.

Ceramic flooring is not only as simple as its conservative form, like white tiles. You will find a variety of ceramic floor variants on the market, ranging from ceramic-like textured floor tiles, marble-like textured floor tiles, and even batik-patterned floor tiles.

Different spaces, then different types of ceramic flooring that must be applied in it. So, how do you choose the right ceramic floor variant? Check out a few quick tips below!

1. Choosing a Porch Floor Ceramic
The terrace is one of the outdoor areas that became the first “receiver” area before entering the area of the house. Usually, in this patio area, people still wear footwear and will take it off there.

Given its location outside the home, this porch floor tile should be included in the ceramic floor which still has texture and antislip, because of the possibility of this porch floor tile exposed to rain, dew, or slippery soil.

Besides, the motifs and colors of porch floor tiles can be adjusted to the facade of the house. For example, if you have a house facade that is dominated by exposed brick walls, you can balance it by choosing terracotta-colored patio floor tiles.

2. Choosing Ceramic Tiles for Bedrooms and Family Rooms
For the family room and bedroom, you can choose various types of ceramic flooring following the impression and style of the space inside. For example, you can choose ceramic tiles that are similar in marble, granite, or wood.

For texture, you can choose polished home floor tiles, given the lack of space user interaction with water. However, this does not limit your freedom if you want to choose ceramic tiles that are more textured, especially if the room in your house is of industrial concept.

3. Choosing Kitchen Floor Tiles
In choosing kitchen floor tiles, you should not only prioritize the visual appearance, because activities in the kitchen must be supported by the comfort and safety of the design space. Because, in the kitchen, you will do a variety of relatively dangerous activities, such as using a knife, lighting a hot stove, and so forth.

Therefore, you should choose the right kitchen floor tiles, such as polished floor tiles that are easy to clean from oil stains, but have the right dimensions, so as not to make the kitchen user easily slip in the kitchen area.

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