It’s A Brief Explanation Of MLM History

Direct Selling was known in New York when The California Perfume Company operated in 1886. Its founder was Dave Mc Connel and employed Mrs. Albee was assigned to do direct sales to homes and introduce company products. Then developed in 1934 where a company called Nutrilite in California emerged that was selling vitamins and food additives. The company introduced a new system by giving additional commissions to each independent distributor who successfully recruited and trained and helped new members sell their products. This system then makes the distributor will continue to recruit and continue to get new members and of course more additional commissions. Meanwhile, before we continue, if your MLM company requires a more efficient way to manage its data, we suggest you use the best multi level marketing software.

In its development, re-emerged companies that use the same system, namely Amway Corporation, founded by Rich DeVos and Jan Van Andel, which sells a biodegradable cleaning fluid that is safe for the environment. In the mid-1950s, the Nutrilite company experienced a shock from the American government so that Amway took over. Until finally in 1953, the United States Government legalized Amway as a Multi Marketing Company.

After the government legalized the MLM Business, Subsequently, in 1956, a Shaklee company emerged which was founded by a distributor who was quite successful named Dr. Forrest Shaklee. Currently, Shaklee is engaged in the health sector. Of course, in subsequent developments, MLM also continues to grow and change, right after 1970 the Amway and Shaklee companies expanded into the United Kingdom. In the end, the MLM business continues to grow rapidly.

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