The Characteristics You Need to Drink Water More Than Normally

Everyone’s body water needs are different. Depending on the condition of the body and their excretion system. If you realize some of the characteristics below on your body, you should immediately drink plenty of water and reduce the consumption of sweet foods and drinks. You can also bring CamelBak Bottles on each of your trips so that your body does not lack water.

1. Constipation
Less water consumption can make the digestive system work is not optimal. Lack of water intake in the intestine that causes the process of absorption of food is disrupted.

2. Rarely urinating
A sign that you are short of water is the color of your urine is dark yellow. The normal color of urine is bright yellow. In fact, in extreme cases, dehydration causes urinary tract infections.

3. Abdominal pain
Water serves as a buffer between the acid contents of the stomach and stomach lining. Lack of water consumption can cause your stomach mostly unprotected and constant acid exposure, and can easily cause abdominal pain or pain.

4. Wrinkled skin
Lack of water consumption can cause the skin to lose elasticity. Because blood flow is obstructed, a lack of long-term water consumption can also deprive your skin cells of the nutrients they need for skin regeneration. As a result, lack of water consumption can accelerate the formation of wrinkles, fine lines, sagging or loose skin, and signs of aging.

5. Respiratory disorders
From the inside of your nose into the downstream of the bronchus, the entire respiratory tract relies on mucus to keep the tissue moist and springy to prevent foreign particles from coming out of the lungs. Lack of enough water can inhibit mucus production, which can hamper your respiratory system’s ability to fend off allergens such as dust, pollen, and dandruff from your pet or to defend yourself against infections from viruses and bacteria.

6. Disturbed memory and concentration
This can occur due to slowed blood flow due to chronic dehydration.