Know More About Softball

Softball is a team ball sport consisting of 2 teams. Softball game was born in the United States, created by George Hancock in the city of Chicago in 1887. Softball is a development of a kind of sport that is baseball (baseball) or hardball. Softball is currently 28-30.5 centimeters in diameter; the ball is thrown by a pitcher and becomes the target of the opposing player who hits (batter) using a bat such as fastpitch softball bats my link.

There is a team on guard (defense) and a team that hits (offense). Each team races to collect points by running around the runner’s three base series to touch the final mark, the home plate. Softball is arguably the most popular sport for young children, especially students and students. Usually, players use attractive sports uniforms, accompanied by shouts of foreign language terms when they are playing.

The atmosphere of a softball match there are three types of softball games, including:

Fastpitch softball
Represents a game determined by the pitcher. The difference is in the throwing pitcher style and how to release the ball. The release of the ball is located below or equal to the position of the glove.

Modified pitch softball or often known as modball.
The main objective is to soften the rules used in the fastpitch category so that players who are not used to it will not be surprised by the rules that are “strict” on softballs such as the strike zone, the distance between the base, the duration of the game and others. The pitcher throw speed in modball is between fast and slow pitch. The speed of the ball is limited by the rotation of the arm over the shoulder.

Slowpitch softball
Make it easy for the batter to hit the ball. Batter is given the ball continuously by the pitcher until he can hit the ball. The pitcher’s pitch slowly rises. This game is often played in a social community as a competition, without being limited by age and gender.

In the early 20th century softball began to be played outdoors as it did indoors. In 1908 the amateur organization for this new game (the National Amateur Playground Ball Association of the United States) arranged this sport to be played outdoors using a bigger ball. In 1923 the National Recreation Congress asked the commission to standardize this sport, and in 1926 the name “softball” was used although it had not been formalized. In 1933, the first world championship was held under the protection of the Amateur Softball Association of America which had been used as a basic rule in America.