Improve The Immune System By Using Nano Zinc Oxide

Zinc (nano zinc oxide) is an important mineral that is involved in the production of immune cells. Zing deficiency can cause a weakened immune response. Zinc supplements can stimulate certain immune cells and can reduce oxidative stress. A study showed that 80-92 mg zing per day can reduce the duration of flu by 33%. Getting zinc is also not difficult, you can buy nano zinc oxide in the nearest place at a cheap price.

One of the other benefits of zinc is being able to heal burns, boils, and others. Zinc has an important role in collagen synthesis, immune, and inflammatory responses. The fact that the skin has a relatively high amount (about 5%) of zinc content in the body.

Meanwhile, zinc deficiency can slow healing of wounds, therefore a supplement with ZIC can accelerate recovery. A 12-week study said that 60 people with diabetic foot ulcers were treated with 200 mg of zinc per day. The effect of ulcers is significantly reduced compared to those not using zinc.