Choosing Saltwater Rod

If you are planning to fish in the sea, tips on choosing the right saltwater fishing tackle for you are to choose one of two criteria. First, determine what type of angler you are and the plan is to fish in the sea to catch big fish or small fish? As for the light class, fish that are still normal size is started by choosing a rod length between 170 to 180cm with medium action, 12 to 20 lbs.

Jigging rod model with a long handle is the best recommendation, it could be an option although it still has to be adjusted to your needs. Then, if the class is lighter, for example, you are only fishing on the seashore, you can also choose the 16lbs light tackle rod so that you are familiar with the challenge. The reel should use a size of 4000 or a maximum of 6000 may also be ready for sea conditions, perhaps deeper. 2500 or 3000 reels are fine, but for shallow seas. Then the line can be with monofilament PE3.