How To Get Clean Grout Easily

Tile grout which is small and located below causes rarely get attention and escape from routine maintenance. The colour of the tile grout used in every home usually varies depending on the taste of the owner. But the most colour used as grout is white. Besides being impressive clean on white tiles in grout will also make tile motifs and texture details more clearly visible. Grout that has been used for a long time will usually get dirty and can even be damaged, especially bathroom tile grout that is often exposed to water will easily leak if you do not clean and care for it properly so you need to regrout tile if this happens.

If the grout that you use is black it might not look too dirty but if the white colour that you choose for the grout colour will be a very dirty look of your tiles. You do not need to rush to replace the old grout with new grout to look new again, but you just need to clean it in the right way so the results can look like new again. You don’t need to call in a professional cleaning service that certainly costs a small amount. You can also do it yourself, following the review.

The easiest way to clean tile grout is with a chemical liquid that you can buy at a store. But you can also make your grout cleaners, which of course are cheaper and the results are not disappointing. You only need to mix the clothes bleach with soda in a ratio of 3 parts to 1 part bleach soda. If you have rubbed the entire surface of the grout, then let it sit for a while around 10 to 15 minutes. After that, you clean using a wet cloth or sponge that you have wet. You will see the whiteness of the tile grout. Don’t forget to use gloves and clothes that don’t get dirty easily to avoid splashing when cleaning. Also, open the window of the room so that the steam released by cleaning fluid can come out and prevent you from breathing it. Hopefully, this brief review on how to easily clean tile grout is useful.